Post 9/11 American culture has been half my life. I was so young that day, I had no way to comprehend or understand what just happened. I was interviewed by a newspaper about it soon after and all I could tell the reporter was that I cried. I held an A1 photo, sat on the couch at home and just asked my father what happened. He didn’t have an answer. And we cried.

As a 10 year old, my only way to respond to such a tragedy was through music. I still own and listen to America: A Tribute to Heroes, an album that will forever embrace the spirit of New York City and America itself. Paul Simon was on that album, as well. 



This broke me.

Here’s the video of the Paul Simon WTC memorial performance we mentioned earlier. The rendition of the song here feels perfectly apt for this day. (The earlier reblog we posted stopped working because the video was marked private, so here’s another.)

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