i think it’s all safe to say that it’s a tricky world to live in as a young (…not so young) 20-something female in the united states. heck. it’s hard to be anyone in the united states nowadays. but since my area of expertise is being a young woman, that’s the group i feel compelled to speak on behalf.

today. as a group of women. united. i want to ask that we all take a pledge…

this pledge stands to say that we will all live up to our potential. that we will live to debunk the norm if it doesn’t fit, whatever shape that takes in our lives: the norm of being a housewife, career-driven, size 6, the serial dater, the academic…

this pledge stands to declare that we will encourage one another to do more. to be real with our emotions. to speak the truth consistently. to love all things worthy of our time, energy, passion and talent. to write and to sing and to preach and to create and to share and to inspire with all that we have. to mentor other women in real ways that give hope and pave a path worth taking. to never hold back the things that this world needs most.

this pledge stands to reclaim the lost self. the one thing that is truly ours in this world. the one thing that will stand day in and day out. we pledge to value ourselves as unique and full of potential and vibrant. we pledge to work through what it means to be a young woman in whatever role we may find ourselves and to stand confident, knowing at times we stand alone, trusting that we can indeed stand with pride. and we pledge to not simply ignore what come our way, but rather to acknowledge the difficulties and find a way to gain strength and hope. we pledge to love ourselves… for everything we are, with respect for everything we’re not.

Sunny in Seattle

An admired friend wrote this sunny piece of inspiration for all us young women to keep pushing those boundaries, whatever they may be. 

(Source: tturney.blogspot.com)