The accelerating relief efforts underscore a fast-expanding U.S.-Philippine military alliance that could grow even stronger in the wake of the catastrophe as the United States pursues its "pivot" towards Asia. As U.S. ships deliver food, water and medicine, they are also delivering goodwill that could ease the way for the United States to strengthen its often-controversial military presence in one of Southeast Asia's most strategic countries. "It is not that the United States used assistance to promote rebalancing, but that rebalancing enabled to the U.S. to respond so decisively," said Asia security expert Carl Thayer.

"Winning hearts and minds." 

A week in and Seoul already feels like home. I’ve just moved to teach English at Maple Bear CLI in downtown Seoul. This is most certainly an adventure in every sense of the word;  moving to a new country, learning a new language, and doing something completely new (like educating young minds) is going to be a whirlwind of excitement.

I look forward to all the new experiences coming my way.

The last forest of its kind. About to be torn down. Home to tigers, elephants, crocodiles. Prey Lang literally means “Our Forest” and it needs to be saved. 


Dressed like the Na’vi tribe from the 2009 science-fiction film Avatar, Cambodian villagers protested the plan to clear the Prey Lang forest to make way for the establishment of plantations and mines.

This is a  documentary about Prey Lang, “One Forest, One Future”, by Jocelyn and Ben Pederick.