Only a small percentage of women even have the opportunity to be mean to men, because men only pay attention to a small percentage of women. This whole thing is like saying, "Oh, black men are always running around dominating white men and taking their jobs!" when the only thing you've ever seen is the NBA. Women don't need to apologize for complaining because 1) complaining is not getting women very far very fast, so don't sweat it; and 2) women should be complaining. Some ladies are making fun of you on the TV? Well, at least they're not legislating your genitals, and talking to you like you're a baby, and passing you over for promotions, and treating you like sexy livestock, and taking you less seriously by default without even thinking about it. Men have regarded women (uppity women, anyway) with contempt for generations. Dishing it out, meet taking it. FAKE. PROBLEM. GOODNIGHT.

this article must be read. everyone. read it. BRILLIANT.

Dudes, Relax: The Rise Of Women Does Not Mean the Fall of Men