A reshare from @oxfamgb. The threat of #famine could be the last blow to people who’ve arguably been through enough. To flee violence, danger, and finally make it to safety…only to watch your children starve to death? It’s not right and it’s not fair and we can most certainly do something about it. Consider making a donation to organizations working directly in South Sudan, as well as Somalia, where this possible famine may take place. Oxfam is a great org with which to start.

This calls for a #selfie // @ the #teamjuncker press briefing to announce to commissioners of the European Commission (at The European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium)

It was a weekend full of festivals, including Braderie in my neighborhood. Lots of food, lots of people, lots of fun. // #braderie #ixelles #brussels

Throwing it back to this pretty awesome people-filled Google Hangout I helped with a couple weeks ago.


On World Humanitarian Day, we launched our first Google Hangout, speaking from humanitarians around the globe what it’s like to be a humanitarian today and why they are driven to help.

Catch up to hear their fascinating and touching answers in this group interview we moderated.